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Artist and cartoonist Kathy Braceland was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  She first started drawing on the walls of the womb.

Kathy attended her first formal art class when she was 6.  "I remember it well.  The teacher held my painting up to the other kids and went into great detail of why no one should ever paint like that." 

As an aside, many decades later, Kathy  attended her second formal art class.  Kathy  discovered she was 6 years old again, when the instructor told the entire class--"no one should ever paint like that."

Anyway...she expanded her artistic abilities and started writing short stories, poetry and became a photo bug.  In her early teens, she began playing tenor sax, alto sax, clarinet, flute and guitar.  She still plays.

Early into her 20's, Toronto's Second City comedy troupe set up shop in Edmonton.  As Kathy was interested in learning the business end of the art world, she got a job working with the actors of SCTV as the manager of the club.

Concurrently, she played solo guitar gigs in bars to stay involved in the creative end of things.

Wanting to learn more about this business of music, Kathy moved to Los Angeles to work in the music industry.  After a few corporate America gigs she eventually landed a job as Director of Publishing for Chick Corea and a few other great jazz musicians.  She expanded her executive position and became business and financial manager to Chick and soon after, included Isaac Hayes and Niacin in her roster of clients. 

Early into the 2nd decade of working with these wonderful musicians, she decided to pursue her own artistic career.

For the past fifteen years, Kathy has been busy with her art.  Her styles include abstracts, surrealism, realism, optical, cartoons and anything else she feels like.  Some of her most popular work is her skeleton art, which has been showcased in her hometown Edmonton Journal and Edmonton Examiner newspapers.  She also drew one-panel cartoons for several newspapers across the U.S.

When called upon, Kathy would teach art classes at Lorne Street Elementary School in Northridge, California.  The kids were particularly eager to learn how to draw little cartoon skeletons, dragons and Elvis.  Kathy happily obliged.




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